The first season of D.N. Ace first broadcasted in Canada in July 6, 2019. It is marketed either as a series consisting of 40 22-minute or alternatively as consisting of 80 11-minute episodes, with a 22-minute episode consisting of two segments.


The series follows curious, adventure-loving, mischief-making, proudly nerdy, 12-year-old Ace Ripley who suddenly learns he holds an incredible ability to manipulate DNA by fusing the genes of a living thing with any other thing, to create something entirely new. The hero-in-the-making uses his newfound power to create ridiculous, amazing, and even terrifying mashed up creatures, and tries to save his town from total chaos while trying to have the time of his life. (Corus Entertainment)


Already before the official announcement it was stated on a website about current productions in Toronto, that D.N. Ace was going to be dubbed between September 25, 2017 and October 1, 2019.[1] Some time after that Corus Entertainment officially announced D.N. Ace and stated that they collaborated with Matthew Wexler's Wexworks Media and as well with Dentsu and OLM, who represent the series in Japan and will be consulting throughout the production process.[2] In November 2018 a short video from the post-production showed up on Vimeo. Three months later it was taken down by Nelvana. On June 21, 2019 a short trailer was uploaded to Teletoon's official YouTube channel, announcing that D.N. Ace would premiere in Canada on July 06, 2019.



  • D.N. Ace follows the same trend as the new Bakugan and also the Geki Drive series with one episode consisting of two segments. All three series are co-produced by Nelvana.


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