Main Characters

Ace Ripley

Ace Ripley the 12-year-old who is the main protagonist of the TV show - Voiced by Lyon Smith, He's the Adventure-loving, courageous kid.


Sloane Plunderman, Ace’s best friend.

  • Ace Ripley is the main and title Character.
  • Sloane Plunderman is Ace's best friend and sister of Huxley.
  • Mendel is a talking 500 year old immortal squirrel that was the first one mutated by the meteorite that fell on top of him. He also sworn himself to be the guardian of the meteor from anyone with evil desires.
  • Stew Ripley is Ace's older step brother.
  • Huxley Plunderman The main villain and brother of Sloane
  • Clashbots Small Robots that are a popular brand for people and are use in the Clash-a-torium to compete in tournaments and games.


Creatures that Ace creates with the Descrambler using DNA mix of one animal and one object.

Main Scammers: these four are the first on being created.

Secondary Scammers


Ace Ripley

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